A downloadable game for Windows

A short horror sidescroller. 

You've been captured by an evil witch and must escape her house!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(164 total ratings)
Tags2D, Horror

Install instructions

Unzip and run exe.


Gnarled Hag (old build).zip 24 MB
Gnarled Hag v1.5.zip 28 MB

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Incredible. Scared the living crap out of me, and so creative! Onomatopia made it really easy, but I'm too wuss to try it without.


Hello! Me again! I did a video of this game for the spooky month. Even used the fan art I made as the thumbnail.


esta genial, super bien echo 10/10

the pixel art is amazing. i hated the chases lol in a good way

Do you plan to make a sequel to this game? 



Played yo John Wick game Pompasaur. It was so wild dude XD



wish we could claim this besides only downloading it


I loved the game! So much that I had to make some fan art of it! :3


Really good!! Great work!

I found in the files "audiogroup1" And "audiogroup2" The one is the soundtrack that plays when the witch chase you and the other is the basement soundtrack, but what about the other soundtracks? Why aren't there in the files?


the pixel art is on point well done

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Have you thought about adding new maps? It would be interesting

I loved the pixel art and the way the hag was drawn to make her look as disgusting as possible, environment also added to the horror factor and was very worth the time to play. Thank you for making this! 

Will this game release for mobile?

That's a good game, I've so much fun with this :)

I've completed the game a bit ago. Very awesome game!! Hoping for a part 2, possibly... 10/10! 


I love this game !

There will be a sequel?

the fact that you cant save just kills me everytime...literally but its a really good game


I played this entire game through without realizing you could run. Not an issue on the developers part, but instead I think a testament to how this game was still so fantastic even though I was missing an entire control! I'm dumb and apparently don't know how to read, but either way.

Fun environments and problem solving, this game combined both a good healthy amount of suspense and puzzle. The atmosphere was perfect, the little bits of exposition throughout were thoughtful and added to the overall experience. 

I can't believe this game was free, it was such a fun adventure for a night with me and my wife. I've recommended it to everyone I know who enjoy short fun games like this.

my community loved this game. the pixel art style is on point. well done

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AMAZING game, I had a whole ton of fun playing. Super interesting game with really cool design,its great. Totally anxiety-filled 10/10 recommend

Not sure why I waited till now to play this game, it's really cool! A lot of stealth and trial and error, but it's entirely necessary in order to learn how to get out. Lots of tension and anxiety when the hag is around. And the look of the game is phenomenal! Overall, a fantastic experience! Great work!

I really love this game the character designs and animations is amazing, that witch looks crazy, and the gameplay with the puzzles is cool too. I really like 2d pixelated games a ton and this one is by far my favorite. 

This sure is a really good game. I really liked the animations and the graphic, even tho is a little bit short i still enjoyed this game.

Il gioco è esteticamente molto bello e ben fatto, per essere un 2D, genere che personalmente non apprezzo molto. Qui di seguito trovate un Gaemplay, per chiarirvi un po' le idee. Sicuramente è un titolo divertente e dove ci si può passare, tranquillamente, una mezz'oretta. Unica pecca, non ha praticamente rigiocabilità.

 P.S.: Spero non vi dispiaccia, che ho usato questa immagine, come miniatura 👉🏻👈🏻 

This is a really good game!! the sound effects, the esthetic, the graphics, the animations, everything!!!!! I'm impressed that this game is free. I'm in love ♡

What's beyond that door? The things we left behind.

That was a Great Horror Game I played! Good Job on that.


i love everything about this game,

especially when the girls face changes, it can alert you on when the witch is growing near. and that's my favourite thing about this whole game. (the footsteps can alert you too)

there is no other horror game that i've played that can do this , but this might be the only one that i've played that can. you'll know when the enemy is coming, and when you need to hide. this game really puts you in the perspective of the sweet little girl that you are controlling.


I'll be honest. You did a great job with this game. In every way.

This is the best 2D horror game I have ever played. It keeps you in suspense and allows you to put yourself in the situation of the girl we are controlling. The emotions that appear on the girl's face when the Witch is near or she has started a chase add to the fun of the game.

The animation is great. So does the sound. Witch's breath when she passes by, or scary music when she notices a girl. Championship.

I was terribly afraid when I was exploring the Witch's house, but at the same time I wanted to learn as much as possible about this place, the Witch, the victims kept in the basement, etc. You are the master.

Are you planning a sequel? It could take place this time in the girl's house, where the Witch, hunting and thirsting for revenge, broke in at night.

quick question Pompasaur.How long did it take you to make this game?


Me ha encantado tanto este juego,un poco corto, pero está increíbleeee, les dejo un gameplay en Español :3


HOLY COW THIS WAS GOOD! Thank you for making this it was super fun even if it was kinda short.

Check out my gameplay of it!


bro me encantó el juego, muy original:3 <3


Got addicted to speedrunning it, great game

You're my first terror game played (im easy to scare xD), i enjoyed a lot love the pixel art, sound effects and the puzzles <3


Extremely fun, short, puzzle-horror game. Obvious that a lot of time and care has been put into it. 5/5 Would highly recommend. Awesome job Pompasaur

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Hello! I'm really exited to try the new version. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. When I get to the new Menu, I can't start the game. I've tried pressing enter and clicking on Start. It doesn't work for Options, for Tutorial or for Exit, either. The game also won't close with ESC or get smaller with F4, only the Windows key can close it. I'm not really sure what the issue could be...

EDIT: I have pressed Z and managed to start the game! Maybe I forgot to read some instructions. Sorry about that.

EDIT 2: I really love it! The onomatopeia are really well animated, very cartoony and it fits the style. The Tutorial was really well made, those eyes got me. It can't kill you but it definitely gives the player an idea of the horror they will experience during the actual game. 

And of course, my favorite thing is that I can mess with her now. Time to do it until she kills me.

EDIT 3 (spoilers): Ok I know I've made a lot of edits but.. Oh, my god. I knew she was going to kill me if I kept turning on the TV but I was NOT expecting the witch to stop and look at the couch. I can't decide if it's scary or fucking hilarious, especially since she only kills you the NEXT time you do it.


I found out another glitch, Once the hag sees you on the stairs if she's on the other side of the room she goes up the right stairs (or left if your on the right) Then she continues to go up and down.

Also I have a question, What's Usex64?


Ah right, so the way the Hag is programmed she tries to cut you off at the stairs rather than going straight after you. I might work in a fix where you can't just leave her pacing like that if you camp on the stairs.

Im not sure what youre talking about with "Usex64", where did you see that?


I found Usex64 in the options file. I tried setting it to true to see any difference but nothing happened. Its set to False as its default setting.


oh yeah that's some default Game Maker Studio 2 stuff, I just leave that alone.

Oh, alright

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Im terrified


Haha nice catch, that is a graphical error. I intended to have the child take a sigh of relief if she managed to escape the hag but somewhere along the way didn't I see it through, you're seeing remnants of that attempt.
I've fixed this in the newer build of the game.

I've glitched it by being chased by the hag for a few minutes lol

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