A downloadable game for Windows

A short horror sidescroller. 

You've been captured by an evil witch and must escape her house!

Tags2D, Horror

Install instructions

Unzip and run exe.


Gnarled Hag (old build).zip 24 MB
Gnarled Hag v1.5.zip 28 MB

Development log


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Me ha encantado tanto este juego,un poco corto, pero está increíbleeee, les dejo un gameplay en Español :3

HOLY COW THIS WAS GOOD! Thank you for making this it was super fun even if it was kinda short.

Check out my gameplay of it!

bro me encantó el juego, muy original:3 <3


Got addicted to speedrunning it, great game

You're my first terror game played (im easy to scare xD), i enjoyed a lot love the pixel art, sound effects and the puzzles <3


Extremely fun, short, puzzle-horror game. Obvious that a lot of time and care has been put into it. 5/5 Would highly recommend. Awesome job Pompasaur

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Hello! I'm really exited to try the new version. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. When I get to the new Menu, I can't start the game. I've tried pressing enter and clicking on Start. It doesn't work for Options, for Tutorial or for Exit, either. The game also won't close with ESC or get smaller with F4, only the Windows key can close it. I'm not really sure what the issue could be...

EDIT: I have pressed Z and managed to start the game! Maybe I forgot to read some instructions. Sorry about that.

EDIT 2: I really love it! The onomatopeia are really well animated, very cartoony and it fits the style. The Tutorial was really well made, those eyes got me. It can't kill you but it definitely gives the player an idea of the horror they will experience during the actual game. 

And of course, my favorite thing is that I can mess with her now. Time to do it until she kills me.

EDIT 3 (spoilers): Ok I know I've made a lot of edits but.. Oh, my god. I knew she was going to kill me if I kept turning on the TV but I was NOT expecting the witch to stop and look at the couch. I can't decide if it's scary or fucking hilarious, especially since she only kills you the NEXT time you do it.


I found out another glitch, Once the hag sees you on the stairs if she's on the other side of the room she goes up the right stairs (or left if your on the right) Then she continues to go up and down.

Also I have a question, What's Usex64?


Ah right, so the way the Hag is programmed she tries to cut you off at the stairs rather than going straight after you. I might work in a fix where you can't just leave her pacing like that if you camp on the stairs.

Im not sure what youre talking about with "Usex64", where did you see that?

I found Usex64 in the options file. I tried setting it to true to see any difference but nothing happened. Its set to False as its default setting.

oh yeah that's some default Game Maker Studio 2 stuff, I just leave that alone.

Oh, alright

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Im terrified


Haha nice catch, that is a graphical error. I intended to have the child take a sigh of relief if she managed to escape the hag but somewhere along the way didn't I see it through, you're seeing remnants of that attempt.
I've fixed this in the newer build of the game.

I've glitched it by being chased by the hag for a few minutes lol


In love with your game


good game


A really good game!


Hi again! So I've written a comment earlier saying that I speedrun this game and I got a time 2:03. I thought that is cool until I saw another speedrunner that got 1:44. I was confused so I watched the video. Basically, there is a bug which lets you pick up an axe without placing a book underneath. It also lets you teleport into Hag's room. It REALLY saves you time and when I speedrun this game again enough times I managed to get a time 1:41,76. It is not the best I could've done, but it is a for sure World Record. I uploaded it to my youtube channel, the title of the video - "Gnarled Hag Speedrun (1:41,76) WR" I honestly can't explain this bug, but It happens when you crouch and press "Z" when you're near the axe.


What a game!I love the aestethic and the overall creepyness of it! Keep up the good work!


IT is a good game


Hello pom granite my name is jovs as you can see and I hope you read this and I loved your project and I would love to make my own project my question is what apk did you use and what engine did you use to make gnarled hag
(I loved your game <3)


IT. IS. JUST. INCREDIBLE! I absolutely love everything in this game!

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Alright, I've speedrun this game and my time is 2:03,74. I haven't seen anyone who completed it faster so I'll just assume that this is a WR. Youtube video of me completing this game is "[NEW WORLD RECORD] Gnarlet Hag SPEEDRUN 2:03,74"


i absolutely love everything about this game. the girl is so cute and charismatic !! the art is simply beautiful. after seeing the witch for the first time it takes a while to get the courage to walk around, it really is scary.

This game is amazing. I just wish there were more of it, or more games like it. I keep going back to replay it because it's so fun.


Hey bro,very nice game!Hi, I wanted to inform you that your game was played by 2 quite popular letsplayers, unfortunately they are in Russian, and if you want to see it, then there is a translation:В t

hese 2 people Windy31 and eugenesagaz,Windy-6.2 million  eugene-million 4.6 this is not advertising. here are the links to these videos

On my own,I also played this game myself.I really liked it.I would like to show the backstory of all this and a new ending,Sorry for my English, I'm Russian and wrote all this through Yandex translator, also not advertising :D

оо виндяй и евген я тож смотрел

Can we get a mac version please i love this game

Soo cool, i like this!


This game is just amazing !

Pompasaur did u used drag and drog or coding system on game maker studio 2 ?

I want to create a 2D game but i don't know anything about coding...

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This is very good!

Failed a few time, but finally managed to complete the game!

Remember to read the readme!

Absolutely loved this game dude. Great job. The art style is fantastic, and the puzzles were good. Look forward to seeing what else you make

Your game has be updated? 

I really enjoy playing this game!! i can't wait to play if there will be Gnarled Hag 2 in the future.Thanks for the amazing game!

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yo, we need a Gnarled Hag2! or maybe just a chapter 2 cause this game is really interesting and scary!

A short and sweet horror game. Will there be a sequel?

Please !!!! do part 2!!! 



REALLY cool game! I LOVE it!Good luck with making crazy and cool games in future 💖💖💖 (i wanna more games from u guys)I literally made my account for u because your game is awesome💖💖💖

Me and my girlfriend love your game! I had to make an account just to let you know how amazing this game is. The art style and the animation when she slinks under doors is amazing. We need a 2!

Pour les Francophones !

Yesterday my sister said about how exciting would be if comes a Gnarled Had 2, I would love it because I liked the plot of the first game.

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